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We strive to make the whole service we offer professional & hassle free.


Our recommended method of accepting customer payments is via 



We also now can accept Remote payment options for your convenience 

Our SumUp 3G card reader accepts major debit and credit card brands as well as NFC payment options so you can take card payments with ease. Choose from contactless, Chip and PIN, or simply enquire about our other payment options.


Please find a full list of accepted cards here: 

  • Visa 

  • V. PAY 

  • Mastercard 

  • Maestro

  • American Express 

  • Discover 

  • Diners Club 

  • Union Pay 

  • Google Pay 

  • Apple Pay

Transactions of £45 or less normally don’t need to be authorised, but any transaction above this amount will need to be authorised with the customer’s pin.


This limit is set by the bank of the cardholder and can vary from bank to bank 

Whats a SumUp 3G Card reader?

The SumUp 3G was designed to be a credit card reader for  businesses on the move. The card reader’s Bluetooth, Wifi connectivity and built-in SIM means our SumUp Card Reader can take card payments remotely..

Note: We are more than happy to discuss alternative payment options with you onsite to best suit your needs.

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